Pivots is an extended customizable version of Williams Fractal that includes identification of Higher High, Lower Low, Higher Low, and Lower Low trends between pivots in a lookback window. [Discuss] 💬

chart for Pivots

// C# usage syntax
IEnumerable<PivotsResult> results =
  quotes.GetPivots(leftSpan, rightSpan, maxTrendPeriods, endType);


leftSpan int - Left evaluation window span width (L). Must be at least 2. Default is 2.

rightSpan int - Right evaluation window span width (R). Must be at least 2. Default is 2.

maxTrendPeriods int - Number of periods (N) in evaluation window. Must be greater than leftSpan. Default is 20.

endType EndType - Determines whether Close or High/Low are used to find end points. See EndType options below. Default is EndType.HighLow.

The total evaluation window size is L+R+1.

Historical quotes requirements

You must have at least L+R+1 periods of quotes to cover the warmup periods; however, more is typically provided since this is a chartable candlestick pattern.

quotes is a collection of generic TQuote historical price quotes. It should have a consistent frequency (day, hour, minute, etc). See the Guide for more information.

EndType options

EndType.Close - Chevron point identified from Close price

EndType.HighLow - Chevron point identified from High and Low price (default)



👉 Repaint warning: this price pattern looks forward and backward in the historical quotes so it will never identify a pivot in the last R periods of quotes. Fractals are retroactively identified.


Date DateTime - Date from evaluated TQuote

HighPoint decimal - Value indicates a high point; otherwise null is returned.

LowPoint decimal - Value indicates a low point; otherwise null is returned.

HighLine decimal - Drawn line between two high points in the maxTrendPeriods

LowLine decimal - Drawn line between two low points in the maxTrendPeriods

HighTrend PivotTrend - Enum that represents higher high or lower high. See PivotTrend values below.

LowTrend PivotTrend - Enum that represents higher low or lower low. See PivotTrend values below.

PivotTrend values

PivotTrend.HH - Higher high

PivotTrend.LH - Lower high

PivotTrend.HL - Higher low

PivotTrend.LL - Lower low


See Utilities and helpers for more information.


This indicator is not chain-enabled and must be generated from quotes. It cannot be used for further processing by other chain-enabled indicators.